AMAYA Yoshio

AMAYA Yoshio (1941-) Western-style painter, sculptor, and printmaker (copperplate print). Born in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture. Currently resides in Osaka City. Born Matsuda Yoshio. Both his uncle Amatani Ryo (1906–1976) and his aunt Iwasaki Masako (1921–2006) were Western-style painters. Studied at Politecnico di Milano, where he studied multi-design under Gio Ponti, who was a professor there as well as a worldwide architect and multi-designer. Studied fresco painting, artwork on wood and metal sheets, copperplate print, sculpture, and Italian art at Brera Academia in Milan. Received a special award at the Venice Biennale, the International Art Exhibition. Received an Italian art grand prize. Held 30 personal exhibitions at art galleries and art museums in major European cities. Currently a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Italy. Visiting professor at Zurich University of the Arts. Established ICD Design Co. in 1970. Also works as a multi-designer. Received the A’Design Award and a Berlin Design Center award. In 2005 he opened the art gallery Galerie Amaya in Abeno Ward, Osaka City. It has permanent installations of works by people such as Amaya Yoshio, Amatani Ryo, Matsuda Shinpei, as well as Western masterpieces and an Amaya collection. Works include themes of still objects, landscapes, people, and the Bible, and they have a touch of fantastical, vivid, and symbolic original profoundness with rich colors that purify the soul with their clarity.

"Ryuton to Bara." Received a grand prize at the 2012 Pope World Religious Art Exhibition.


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