AMURA Ryusaku

AMURA Ryusaku (1940-) Western-style painter. Born in Akita Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University of Education (currently University of Tsukuba) with a major in painting. Received guidance from Miyamoto Saburo while in university. Selected for the 21st and 22nd Nikiten. Since then, he has exhibited works in personal exhibitions 16 times, mainly at Ginza Gallery, without belonging to any associations or participating in contests. His motifs are mainly people, and he also paints animals such as horses and cats. He paints by combining people and animals in an imagined space, and emphasizes the harmony of the picture’ s structure and colors. Also creates images of Inaniwa udon chef Sato Yosuke of the past (Shituzou Museum). Created a series of representative works called “Troi Grâces”

Troi Grâces - La Foret, 1993

Troi Grâces- Nanen, 1992


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