AOKI Ban (1933-) Western-style painter. Born in Iinancho, Mie Prefecture. Currently resides in Machida City, Tokyo. Graduated from the Western-style Painting Department of Musashino Art University in 1958. Presented a series of fantastical and lucid works with a theme of various castles throughout the world. Travels frequently to other countries and creates many works based on things such as World Heritages. Received awards at the Japan-Australia Art Exchange Festival 2003, including the Western Australia Prime Minister’s Award, the Minister of Culture and Art’s Award, and the Mayor of Perth’s Award. Received awards such as a grand prize for outstanding art at a Mexico Exhibition, a Nagoya Exhibition, and a Hiroshima City Exhibition. Received the United Kingdom’s Great Art Award at the British International Art Expo in 2004. Listed in publications such as a French art book and was authorized as a 2005 goodwill ambassador for Japanese and French art. Also in 2005, received the grand prize at the EEA21 in Shanghai and was recognized by art critic Joseph Lavender as a world-class artist who should go down in history.

■AOKI Ban’s homepage: Exhibition of the world’s castles

"Asayake no Pena-jo." Received a grand prize from Her Majesty the Queen of England at the British International Art Expo.


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