Hiroshi Asai

Hiroshi Asai (1956-), western-style painter Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art, Obtained a master's degree from Graduate School at Kanazawa College of Art. Specializes in studies on grasping traditions of oil painting, allegory expressions, and cubism with Japanese sensibility. Head/Research professor at 『The Design Office of Humanities ( Studies of Art, Deign, Culture, etc.) 』. Regular member of Japanese Society for the Science of Design, The Color Science Association of Japan, and International Colour Association (AIC). Mainly paints and conducts studies on substantive existential philosophy as a member of global colorists. Major works include: “Composition” (oil painting, 1980) and “Ryuko” (mixed media, 1982). Other artistic studies have appeared in art and literature sections of “Directory of University Professors and Researchers in Japan” (1996), which was published under the supervision of the National Center for Science Information Systems of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Honorary Member of Versailles Art Association, Member of Hapsburg Art Friendship Association.

“Apollon, Artemis and Goddess Aphrodite” oil painting F100


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