BEPPU Tadao (b.1940 - ) A painter. He was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. In 1960 he graduated from Arahori High School, where he was taught art by Sanae Uchida. Later he was taught by Ohisa Ito. In 1965 he graduated from Nihon University. In 1973 he became a founding member of the Hachiki-kai. In 1997 he held his first individual exhibition at “Yufukiya Art Gallery” in Ginza, Tokyo. 1n 1983 he won the excellence award at “Le Salon Exhibition”, where he was nominated as a Member. In 1996 his recommended works were exhibited at "Japan Gallery Association Exhibition". In 2003 his works were exhibited at “Italia Art Award Exhibition” in Italy. His works were also exhibited by invitation at “Japan and France Modern Art Exhibition”. In 2004 he joined “Asia Art Invitation Exhibition” in Soul and “Cuba Art Award Exhibition” at Habana National Museum of Art. In 2005 he joined “Paris International Salon Exhibition”. In 2006 he joined “Japan • France • China Modern Art World Exhibition” at Tianjin Museum. In 2007 his solo exhibition commemorating the "Asian Art Award" was held at Seoul Metro Art Centre. In 2008 his works were exhibited at “Japan • France Modern Art Exhibition” at Tokyo International Forum and “Spain Art Award Exhibition” in Spain. In 2009 he joined “ Japan • China • South Korea Cultural Cooperation Art Exhibition“in Soul and “Paris International Salon Exhibition”. In 2010 he held his solo exhibition at “Bungeishunju Art Gallery”. At present he is a Life Member of France Artists Association: Le Salon, and a Member of Japan international Artists Association. He is also a Member of Asia Art Invitation Advisory Board and the president of Hachiki-kai.

“Maiko” produced in 2016 F30. Exhibited in the solo exhibition category of the 30th Commemoration Exhibition at Paris International Salon. (GALERIE DU MARAIS 12 October 2016 - )

『黎明富士』F50号 「第44回八樹会」出品作品

鬼神の舞Ⅰ 油彩 1167.7×72.7

鬼神の舞Ⅱ 油彩 1167.7×80.3

夕顔の舞 油彩 100.0×72.5

白鷺城・春 油彩 80.3×100.0

白鷺城・西ノ丸 油彩 1167.7×80.3

白鷺城・初秋 油彩 1167.7×80.3


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