DAIMON Masatada

DAIMON Masatada (1946-) Western-style painter. Born in Kochi Prefecture. Paints mainly scenery of various places such as the Northern Alps. Selected as a member of the Mexico Cultural Exchange Exhibition consisting of five artists recommended by the Mexican Embassy. The exhibition was held for the first time in 1991 with a theme of “scenery in Japan” and for the second time in 1993 with a theme of “scenery in Mexico.” This exhibition had a major influence, but it was suspended due to the death of its planner named Kawakami, who lived in Mexico. After that, he was significantly influenced by Mexican ideas and his painting style also changed. He received a grand prize at Taiyo Bijutsuten. As a founding member of Genyoukai he received awards such as a Minister of Education award, a Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education award, and a Genyoukai award. He is currently a standing judge and headquarters director of Genyoukai. Member of the Japan Artists Association.

Oka no Rodan no Machi, No. F100


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