DOI Tomizo

Tomizo Doi born in 1940, artist. Born in Kyoto. Currently lives in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture. Studied from Hideaki Tanaka. Graduated from Nishinoda Technology Senior High School, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Started painting at the age of 23 while working. After being accepted into Toyota Art Exhibition in 1971 (5 times accepted, 13 times award-winner) and Toyota Citizens Art Exhibition (10 times accepted, 8 times award-winner), he gets actively involved with various different exhibitions including the Shunyo Art Exhibition and Shinki Art Exhibition. In 1975, he is awarded with Encouragement Prize at the Toyota Art Exhibition, Grand Prize and Aichi Prefectural Governor's Award at Art Exhibition of Working People in 1979, Award of Excellence at the Shinki Art Exhibition in 1982 (Shinkikai's Award in 1991), Japan-France Best Artist Grand Prix in 1994, A.M.S.C Special Honor Award in 1997, Art d'honneur Artistic Honorable Prize, Heart Art in Spain Japan Spain Cultural Exchange Achievement Award, and Global International Arts Contribution Prize Gold Prize in 2003, and more. He has been awarded many times both in Japan and abroad. His motif is mainly workers and fishing ports. With the motto of making the painting of what he sees and what he thinks about in his heart, his work reflects the current time by utilizing the features of oil painting. Other work include "Canal" (1971, Toyota City Kosema Elementary School), "Italian Landscape" (1991, Toyota City), "Notre-Dame de Paris" (1995), and "Chichirinoa Hotel Lobby" (1997, both purchased and store by Toyota City). A member of the Council of the World Art, former member of the Millet Friendship Association, founding member of the International Peace Art Society, executive member of the Shinbijutu Artist Association, director of Japan Artist Association, member of Shunyokai and International Art Council.

“Spot Gun” F100 Oil Painting      “Spot Gun II” F100 Oil Painting

“The 93th Shunyo Art Exhibition”    “The 96th Shunyo Art Exhibition”


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