ENDO Toru (1955-) Western-style painter. While serving as a teacher at elementary and junior high schools since 1983, he researched the way of education about arts and crafts. In particular, he independently studied various techniques for drawing and repeatedly experimented with works that would become materials. At the same time, he continued to create miniatures, line paintings, and dot paintings of animals and plants, and after being repeatedly selected for amateur art exhibitions he has been selected for open exhibitions in Japan and art exhibitions in other countries for thirty years. His works are noticeable for their expression of abstract forms of a unique vision in which an image of nature is reflected. He likes and often paints things such as horses, butterflies, and birds. Important works are “Mai,” “Koto Reimei,” and “Kai no Uta.” After being a quasi-member of Sozobijutsukai, he is now an affiliate of Shinkozo Bijutsukai.

"Kai no Uta." Created in 2002. Has not yet been exhibited.


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