Emiko Fukuda (1945 - ) Painter. Born in Tokyo. Living in Ibaraki prefecture. Graduated from Japan Correspondence Art School (Nihon Tushin Bijutsu Gakuen) Department of Illustration in 1962. After graduating from Kanamachi Fashion Institute Department of Education in 1965, she became a teacher of dressmaking. She grew interest in the world of painting, and exhibited her work at “Contemporary Artists Association Exhibition Vol.43” where she received New Artist Award. She earnestly continued to pursue her career as a painter, and widened her range by completing apprenticeship under artists including oil painting artist Bunya Miyamoto, botanical illustration artists Hiroki Sato and Toshio Nishimura, watercolor artist Kikuo Shinde. She received Artist Award at “Art for Tomorrow Exhibition” in 1989, Heartful Award and Serge Marjisse Award at “The Kobe Renaissance” in 1998. Her work includes animal paintings with endearing expressions and ecological accuracy, freshly depicted plants in the field reflects her innocent personality filled with love for life. The neat and chic images of women reflecting the mood of Taisho Romance to Showa Modernity are painted with a sense of translucence that take the viewer back in time (watercolor painting). Her major work in oil panting includes “Inori” and “Sakura.” Currently she teaches painting at Welfare Center in Kitasoma, Tone town and Ushiku Welfare Center. She is a member of the Contemporary Artists Association.

“Yuzuru” 2016, exhibited at “Contemporary Artists Association Exhibition   Vol.72”

“Sou” 2013, exhibited at “Contemporary Artists Association Exhibition Vol.69” The Hirosawa City Collection, Chikusei-shi, Ibaraki prefecture.

“Yoi Machi Gusa”


“Hatsukoi” from Toson Shimazaki’s poem


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