FURUTA Michiyuki

FURUTA Michiyuki (1956-) Western-style painter. Born and currently resides in Otofuke Town, Hokkaido. Graduated from the Faculty of agriculture of Yamagata University in 1979. Graduated from the art department of Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2007. At the age of 28 he developed cerebral meningitis, and fell into a coma due to encephalitis, but he made a miraculous recovery. As a result of that experience, his painting style has been changing from representational to its current abstract style. In 1991 his first work was first selected for Bijyutsu Bunkaten. Currently a member of the Bijyutsu Bunka Art Association. When he first exhibited he had a lot of geometric abstract works, but he is currently creating works that have a hint of abstract expressionistic components. In recent years he has been creating works by a laminating method that makes a collage out of paints. As the creator of the laminating method, he continues to energetically create mainly these works. (Editor’s note) Laminating method: I. Making a collage out of colors onto acrylic vinyl. II. Affixing paper by method I. Both methods bring out luster.

Laminating I II ni Yoru Hyogen. Created in 2013. Exhibited at Bijutsu Bunkaten.


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