GOMI Yoshie

GOMI Yoshie (1945-) Western-style painter. Currently resides in Yokohama City. Made a first exhibition at National Cultural Festival Hyogo Exhibition in 1988, when she was residing in Kansai area, and it was selected. After that, she returned to Yokohama, exhibited works such as “Tomonoura no machinami,” “Ame no Ginza,” “So Egekai,” “Korosseo kara no nagame (Foro Romano),” and “Gashitsu genso” at Kanagawa Female Artists Exhibition, and became a semi-affiliate. Likes to paint imagined scenery with themes of the old capitals of Europe and has continued to present such works at expos, but since around 1998 she has been pursuing additional methods of expression and creating works that use ultramarine and cobalt blue, and exhibited “Yume no Tabi (Egypt)” and “Venezia genso” at Yokohama Art Exhibition (Hamaten) in order to have them evaluated. At Nika Exhibition the nostalgic works “Mizu ni ukabu natsu” and “Tsuki wo kiku” were both selected.

"Tsukiyo no Kyaku." Created in 2012. Exhibited at Kanagawa Nikaten.


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