GOMI Yoshie

Yoshie Gomi (1945-) Painter of Western-style art. Lives in Yokohama-shi. In 1988, when she was living in Kansai, she submitted her work for the first time to National Cultural Festival, Hyogo Exhibit, and was selected for exhibition. Later she returned to Yokohama, and presented works such as “Landscape at Tomonoura,” “Rainy Ginza,” “Thoughts on Aegean Sea,” View from Colosseo (Foro Romano), and ”Fantasy in Painting Room” at Kanagawa Female Exhibition, becoming an associate member. She prefers painting imagined landscapes with European old cities as a theme, and has continued to present them at exhibitions. Since around 1998, she has pursued more advanced methods of expression, using ultra marine and cobalt blue. Wanting to have these works appraised, she presented “Dream Journey (Egypt) and “Venetian Fantasy” at Hama-ten Exhibition. “Summer on the Water”, “Listening to the Moon” and “Blue Cradle” drawn with a nostalgic touch were both selected for Nika-ten Exhibition.

“Dream Journey” Made in 2000, presented at Hama-ten Exhibition


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