GOTANDA Naomi (1948~): A western-style painter and Japanese-style painter. Born in Osaka Prefecture. Currently lives in Chiba Prefecture. Maiden name: Yuasa. She was awarded Salon de Mai Invitation Prize at ”Finale International Art Exhibition.” Her art pieces were displayed as invited exhibits at "Salon de Mai" (in 1999 and 2000). They were also exhibited at various other shows, including "Salon d'Automne," "Le Salon," "Shinseisaku Art Exhibition," "Women Artists Association Exhibition," "Artexpo New York," "Art Fair," and "Beijing International Art Expo." She is an honorary member of the Alba Gatta Roma Artists Association, a regular member of the Medici Culture Association, an emerita professor at the World Academy of Art Exchange/Chief Visiting Professor at the Art Center of National Silpakorn University in Thailand. She is also a certified artist of “Manege,” a national museum in Russia, Venice International Art Association, A.M.S.C., Culture Centrum, and China-Japan Distinguished Artist Association. She has won numerous awards, including St. Petersburg Art Academy Award, Carrousel du Louvre grand prize, Tricolor Art Peace Award, Ryukasui Medal, Constanza de Medici Medal of Arts, Argentina Cultural Merit Award, Salvador Medal of Arts, Ottoman Turks Medal of Arts, and Delft Grand Medal. Her art pieces are owned by various facilities, including the National Museum of Malaysia, the Office of the Prime Minister in the Kingdom of Thailand, Queen Sirikit Museum, The Museum of the Orient in Portugal, and Pavillons de Bercy in France. Out of the thirty leading Japanese artists from the Meiji period and onwards listed in “The Encyclopedia of Modern Japanese Artists” published by the United Kingdom in English, she was selected as one of the two living artists. The art piece published in the encyclopedia is “Pink & Blue Kyosokyoku No. 1 (Pink & Blue Concerto No.1).” Issued in November, 2021, it was distributed and donated to museums, university libraries, and other art-related institutions around the world.

“Nangoku no Hana (Tropical Flowers)”


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