HAMADA Kiyoshi

HAMADA Kiyoshi (1946-) Western-style painter. Graduated from the art department of the Faculty of Education at Chiba University. Gained the favor of Ichiyokai founding member Yamatani Eiichi and exhibited at Ichiyokai. Subsequently studied under Kitayama Taito. Received the Ichiyoten award at the 25th Ichiyoten, the Yasuda Kasai Fine Art Foundation incentive award at the 26th Ichiyoten, and the Noma award at the 31st Ichiyoten. He has received multiple awards at concours exhibitions such as the Salon Blanc exhibition and the Japan-Brazil Modern Art Exhibition. Since first exhibiting at the 25th Yasui Award Exhibition, he has been selected 6 times. Important works include the “Toi Hi” series. Resides in Chiba Prefecture. Currently an operating committee member of the Ichiyokai, executive director of Chibaken Bijutsukai, and member of the Japan Artists Association.

Toi Hi (Yokan). 57th Ichiyoten (2011).

“Feeling Premonition” 2019 “65th Memorial Ichiyo Exhibition”


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