Shozo HASEGAWA, Western-style painter. Born in 1954, in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Deeply impressed by Gaugin’s work, Mr. Hasegawa starts oil paiting at 15 years of age. After his Ube Period (until 1973), Chiba Period (until 1983), Hyogo Period (until 1995) and following the Great Hanshin Earthquake, he releases his Reconstruction series (until 2000) depicting “Love and Romance” under the theme of harmony between people and nature. In addition, from 2001 forward he changes his work to the Contemporary Kaleidoscope series. In 1975, at the age of 21, he is awarded for the first time at the Nikkiten Exhibition. In 2002, he wins the Special Award from Nikkiten Exhibition. In 2008, Mr. Hasegawa becomes a fellow member of the Nikkikai Art Association and in 2011 is awarded the Member’s Award. In 2016, he becomes a board member of the Nikkikai Art Public Interest Incorporated Association. Major works are: Tanjo (Birth), Are kara 13 nen (13 years after), Fukko (Reconstruction), etc..

『Sinsei』(2017) exhibited at the 102nd Nikkiten Exhibition.


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