HASHIMOTO Seicho (1936-) Calligrapher, painter. Born in Gifu Prefecture. Studied calligraphy under Zushi Kosuishi. Commended by Gifu Prefectural Governor and received many awards such as a Zenkoku Gakko Renmei merit award, an Aichi Prefectural governor’s award, an Aichi Prefectural board of education award, and a Chunichi award. Studied abroad once. His works have been listed in things such as complete collection of fine arts of excellence, a list of 50 key persons in Japanese fine arts, and a list of great masters of beauty. Specially certified artist by the International Foundation for Arts and Culture. Leads Shoga Hakuraku. Establisher and principal of Chubu Sokusan Gakko. Serves in roles such as chairperson of Toki Municipal Arts and Culture Federation. Skilled at creating Zen paintings using a calligraphy brush and making paintings of people.




Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi

Oshino Serise Syunsetu


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