HIRATA Tatsuya

HIRATA Tatsuya (1943 - ) Western-style painter and ceramic artist. Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Sophia University in 1966. Accepted for Le Salon Exhibition 12 times and Le Salon d’Automne four times.Received the Napoli Award at the 21st International Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture in Italy (1984), a gold medal at the 6th International Artists Festival (1991), the Mediterranean Arts Award at the 20th Century World Art Festival (1994), and a World Art Jubilee Award at the Japan, Thailand, Austria, World Art Jubilee (2000). Exhibited at the Biennale de Paris (1989, 1991 and 1993). Appointed to the Academical Official Knight in art by the Verbano Academy, Italy (1998), and awarded an honorary professorship by the Italy Academy in Florence and a medal of honor for Japanese arts and culture (1999). Conferred a doctorate (art) from L.E.A. University in the United States (2000), and a diploma of merit in contemporary painting from the Florence International Academy (2002). Honorary member of the Marabello Foundation, Barcelona, honorary member of Associazione Culturale “L’ Alba Gatta,” member of the International Association of Art, member of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts (France), member of the Académie des Sciences, Lettres et Arts (France), member of Le Salon Exhibition (France), member of Il Marzocco (Italy), member of the Société Franco-Japonaise d’Art et d’Archéologie (Japan), and member of JIAS (Japan). Actively involved in the European art world, especially in France.

peace of a world (le silence)


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