Isao Ikezaki

Isao Ikezaki (1934-) Painter of Western-style art. Born in Tokyo. Currently lives in Kashiwa-shi, Chiba. In 1956, selected for the first time at the 6th Modern Art Association Exhibition. Graduated from the School of Fine Arts at Bunka Gakuin in 1957. Began working as a freelance artist in 1966. Established an atelier in Kashiwa-shi, Chiba. In 1972, first solo exhibition (Ginza Muramatsu Gallery). In 1973, moved to New York and joined A/D ASSOCIATES, INC (an art studio run by an American) as a graphic artist. In 1980, fourth solo exhibition. Created a variety of illustrations for books, maps, and textbooks. Since around 1990, published research and development on creating topographical three-dimensional picture maps. Has drawn a series of panoramic paintings of various locations in Japan for Educational Travel Service from 2000 to 2018. Alongside creating illustrations, has been creating figure paintings and abstract paintings with the basic theme of “sex and love.” Winner of the Japan Art Critics First Place Prize in 2009. Winner of the Grand Prix at “Japonismes 2018”.Collections of illustrations he has published include “Kyoto Leafless Mountain Water Garden Pictorial Book” (Heibonsha) in 1981. In 1985, “Tokyo Oasis Walking” (Shobunsha), which is a pictorial book in a bird’s-eye view.

“Aviator of Four &Half Mat Japanese Room”
   made in2000 Pastel 120×1780


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