ISHIHARA Setsukin (1937-) Calligrapher. Born in Osaka City. Currently resides in Osaka. Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Ikuno Senior High School in 1956. Through introduction from Nishimura Keishu, studied under Tsujimoto Shiyu. Received the Prince Takamatsu Award in 1951. Received a London Citizen’s Honor Award in 1969. Received a South Korean Cultural Award at a Korea-Japan Calligraphy Exhibition in 1974. Received a certificate of appreciation from the Mayor of Osaka in 1975. Received a certificate of merit from Cannes City Hall in 1989, and received a certificate of being included in a monument of honor (Great Wall of China) in 1996. In 1997, received a certificate from the National Museum of Chinese History and was housed in the Nanjing Museum. In 2000, received a Japan-France International Art grand prize and a commemorative certificate from the National Palace Museum. Received a certificate of merit from the Marc Chagall Museum in 2002. Set up Guilin International Peace and Friendship Monument Grove in 2005. Advisor of the Society to Promote Japanese-Chinese Cultural Exchanges, authorized judge and advisor of the Japan Educational Calligraphy Federation, chairman of Onchikai and Fuji Shodokai, judge for the Association of Writers of Modern Calligraphers, judge and trustee for the Sankei International Calligraphy Exhibition, judge and trustee for Sankei Calligraphy Art, trustee for Japan Rantei Calligraphy Association, and visiting professor at China Shoho Gakuin.



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