ITO Tadashi

ITO Tadashi (1944 - ) Western-style painter. Born and currently resides in Gifu Prefecture. Presented Physalis no Uta at overseas exhibitions in such places as Brunei, Ukraine, and Hungary. Awarded grand prizes, and recognized as an honorary artist. His works are in permanent collections in Brunei, Seoul, and Guilin (China). Received MVA from the Rome Headquarters of the International Art Exchange Association. Received the International Artist Award for Distinguished Service. Received the Art Heritage Nagrada Award. Selected as one of Japan’s representative international artists at the International Art Expo in Serbia by art appraiser, Alfonso González- Calero. Presented the Aru Saito no Dengon series of abstract paintings at exhibitions in Japan. Received numerous awards, including Governor’s Awards and Labor Minister’s Award. Has successively held various posts as member of Prefectural Exhibition Commissioned Committee and Contemporary Art Steering Committee. Based on an artistic philosophy of “Uchu Soku Ware” [the Universe is me], and on the basis of faith infused with the Lotus Sutra, Ito continues to create works, directing his energy into refining one’s soul, in the hope of expressing this in his works.

Uwasa no Onna. Created in 2003. Received the 37th Hatarakumono no Kenten Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare award.


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