ITO Shihomi

ITO Shihomi (1952-) Western-style painter. Born in Hyogo Prefecture. Currently resides in Sanda City. Graduated from Musashino Art University. Creates oil paintings with a theme of ancient romanticism. The works “Mugen” and “Muso” that were exhibited at Shinsekiten show the ammonite and other fossils in the geological layers and faults of America’s Grand Canyon and express a mystical atmosphere. She continues to develop works that overlap Cappadocia, Turkey’s magical spaces, China’s three gorges, impressions of Egypt, etc. Likes and often paints the scenery of places such as Egypt, Turkey, and the Silk Road. She has received many awards such as a Minister of Education award at a Bangkok art expo (National Art Gallery, Thailand) in 1999 and a grand prize at Nittaika Hyakka Geijutsu Daiten (Palace Museum in Beijing, China). Holds a permanent personal exhibition at Sanda Summit Hotel. Creates works and also teaches children how to paint. Important works include “Mugen,” “Muso,” “Silk Load Roman,” and “Arabian Nights’ Dream.” Currently a member of groups such as ACEA Barcelona International Salon, Shinseiki Bijutsu Kyokai, and Hyogoken Bijutsuka Domei.

Mugen X. Exhibited at the 54th Shinseikiten. Exhibited at a regular exhibition at Sanda Summit Hotel.


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