IWAI Hakuseki

IWAI Hakuseki (1965-) Seal-engraver and western-style painter. Born in Osaka Prefecture. Currently resides in Osaka City. Studied calligraphy and engraving under Kataoka Syujo, had a talent for shinkanin, was influenced by Zhao Zhiqian and Wu Changshuo and discovered a unique method of engraving. He does not belong to an art group, and in 1988 he exhibited works overseas. He has received many awards such as the grand prize at World General Exhibition in the UK. His cultural exchanges through art have been recognized and he received the first Fenghuang incentive award. Since then he has exhibited in places such as China, Czech, Turkey, Portugal, and Italy. In 2002 a stone monument was built in a China-Japan friendship monument hall in Guilin, China, and the engraved work “Sanka suicho kaichiki” was put in a British Museum collection. Studied Western-style painting under Inoue Toshiya. He shows remarkable powers of depiction in works such as the “Kazoku,” “Kyumin,” “Yopparai” series. He has exhibited at the Tokyo Central Museum of Art Award Exhibition and Gendai Nihon Bijutsuten. After that, he painted a “Jigazo” series titled “Aru Hi no Koto,” developed expressive abilities that seem to bring to light people’s inner feelings and a unique and substantive matiere, and he has received numerous awards such as first place at the All Kansai Exhibition. He has exhibited at Kokuten since 1999. In 2008 he received a Kokuga award, and in 2009 he received a new-face award and was recommended as a quasi-member. In 2012 he received a quasi-member outstanding work award for the bold coloring and lines of “Suwaru Hito.” He was recommended as a member of Kokugakai.

Suwaru hito. 13-2. 181.8x227.3cm. Exhibited at the 87th Kokuten (2013)


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