IWATANI Koyo (1947-) Western-style painter. Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Currently resides in Toyonaka City, Osaka. Born Iwatani Yasuko. Studied under Suzuki Hirotaka, the founder of Nigenkai. After being affiliated with Nigenkai, became a member of Salon de Paris. Selected for an art exhibition for which collectors choose the awards, selected for exhibitions outside Japan for 10 years, and won bids for works. Fifteen personal exhibitions. Most important work is “Maria’s musical score.” Her past activities as a knit designer and the sense of color and expressive ability that she has developed by her designer’s sense may be creating a fantastic world in her works. The style of painting is lyrical, fashionable, and modern. Recently she is working on sumi ink painting that is arranged in an innovative Western style. “Matsuri-Carnival” (1992) expresses the enjoyment of Japan’s festivals and night stalls. Exhibited at a “Grenada Exhibition.” Received awards at a “Nigenkai Exhibition” and other exhibitions.

Matsuri (Carnival). Created in 1992. Exhibited at a Japan Week Exhibition (Granada, Spain). Received an award at a Nigenkai Exhibition and others.


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