KAJIMA Noriko (1946 -) Japanese-style painter. Born in Tokyo and currently resides in Minato Ward. Born into a family of Japanese-style painters, following her grandfather Shoshu and father Ichiro. She aims to create new things based on traditional spirit and techniques. Once every four years she holds an exhibition called “Kajima Noriko – The world of Japanese-style painting” at Bungeishunju Gallery in Ginza. In 2005 “Cherry blossoms in full bloom” received a high-quality award from AMSC. “Sasanqua” was selected for a Le Salon exhibition. “Plum berries” received an “Autumn moon over a calm lake” award at a China-Japan International Contemporary Art Exhibition. “Cymbidium in the mirror” received the “Prix d’Or (special)” award at the Festival International d'Art Cote d'Azur, and was brought into the collection of the Principality of Monaco’s Ministry of Culture in celebration of the accession of the current King Albert II. “Chart of wind and thunder gods” received a from Thailand’s royal family a selected art award for exchanges between Japan and Thailand in celebration of the princess’ birthday. In 2011 it was made into a postage stamp and exhibited at the “Japan World Stamp Exhibition.” In 2013 “Cherry blossoms in full bloom” was exhibited at the “Australia International Stamp Exhibition.” Other main works include “Sacred Mt. Fuji,” “Dragon god,” “Tribe of elephants,” “Banquet of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune,” “Bottom of the ocean,” “White god,” “Japanese crane,” “Red plums and white plums,” and “Allosaurus fossil.” Full member of Spain’s Museo Nacional de Prado. Published “Kajima Noriko – The world of Japanese-style painting,” a collection of her works. Shows her works to the public at “Kajima Noriko Art Commemorative Hall” in June every year.

"Sakura - Mankai." Created in 2001. Kajima Noriko - Nihonga no Sekaiten PARTⅠ. Received an A・M・S・C parolaru emblem award. Used for a 2013 stamp at an Australian International Stamp Exhibition. In a collection of Kajima Noriko Geijutsu Kinenkan.







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