Shoko Kakimoto, born in 1929, a Japanese artist. Born in Nagasaki Prefecture, Kakimoto currently lives in Nagaski. She took apprenticeship under Harusato Ichinose in 1975. Her works began appearing at prefectural exhibitions in 1976, and she has been selected nine times, also winning an award nine times including the Prefectural Board of Education Award. In 1996, she won the Prefectural Governor Award with Keisei. Her works began appearing at Nihon Nangainten in 1996, and she won an Honorable Award twice with Kyosei no Ki (1997) and Aso ni Haru wo Yobu (1998) . She has also won Yomiuri Shimbun Award with Kyosei to Chakusei (2000), Osaka Mayor Award with Kigensugi (2003), Osaka Mayor Committee Present Award with Yakushima Yukigeshiki (2004), and Special Selection for Taishakukyo (2007). She is currently a member of Nihon Nanganin. She was on the Prefectural Exhibition Committee twice and a Prefectural Exhibition judge five times, and was an honorable member of Nagasaki Prefecture Fine Arts Association in 2015. She is an operating member of Nagasaki Prefecture Commissioned Artist Exhibition, a Omura City Exhibition judge, and a Omura Ink Gathering instructor. She was captivated by the beauty of ink and continues to investigate deeper while educating younger artists. She opened a private building, Niji no Kan, in 2011 for the permanent exhibition of his works.

Wu Ling Yuan (China, 2009) at Nagasaki Prefecture Commissioned Artist Exhibition


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