Kuo Tong-rong

Kuo Tong-rong (1927-) Western-style painter. Born in Chiyai, Taiwan. Currently resides in Chiba Prefecture. Graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University. Established Satsukigakai in 1957. All members of Satsukigakai presented abstract paintings, and contributed to a modernization movement for Taiwan’s art world. Came to Japan for study in 1962, received a master’s degree in Western art history from the Waseda University and a master’s degree in oil painting techniques and materials from Tokyo University of the Arts. Has held 30 personal exhibitions in both Japan and Taiwan. Actively involved as the executive director of Nipputen, and devoted to cultural exchanges between Japan and Taiwan. Received more than 10 awards such as a Chen Cheng Vice President award and Nippu award. Important works are very realistic things such as “Shidaikaso Bansankai” (120F) and “Apollo 11-go eno Chosen” (200F), and also creates, destroys, and then re-creates works based on a motto of expressing the form of the spirit of the age along the lines of Picasso. The most recent work is being developed as a “ “ series. Retired at mandatory retirement age from a position in charge of the art department of National Taiwan University of Arts, and currently an adjunct professor at National Chiayi University Art Laboratory (Graduate School). Creates works in both Japan and Taiwan as a judge for major exhibitions in various fields in Taiwan.

Henbo Suru Sekai No.42


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