KANEKO Haruo (1946-) Western-style painter. Born in Tokyo. Had a passion for painting from a young age and researched it himself. Believes that painting is music expressed by colors, and refers to his own style of painting as picture music. Makes collaborations by integrating music and paintings in cooperation with his daughter, Kaneko Yuriko, who is a composer. Believes that the purpose of art is to create world peace and build real happiness and well-being in people’s hearts, and therefore many of his works cause people to think about what substance and truth are in relation to the universe, life, and society. Has had interactions with 13 countries throughout the world and as of 2009 has received approximately 73 awards from various countries. Main awards include the World Culture Contribution Top Artist Grand Prize, the Egypt Art Culture Contribution Award, the Argentine Culture Contribute Award, the Picasso Museum of Spain Honorary Medal, and the America Critics Federation Grand Prize. Honorary doctor of philosophy in art of the IOND University in the United States, honorary professor at Silpakorn Art University in Thailand, Habsburg Court of Art member, Spain National Prado Museum Foundation regular member, EU International Beauty Amity Ambassador, England-Japan Culture Amity Honorary Artist, Japan-Russia Friendship Services Artist, France-Japan Art Amity Ambassador, World Peace Art Propagandist Artist. Owner of Kaneko Gallery and holds regular personal exhibitions at art galleries and on the Internet.

"Endai Naru Hochu." Created in 1981. Received a Japan art critic grand prize.


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