KANEKO Reiko (1952-) Western-style painter. Born in Aichi Prefecture. Currently resides in Owariasahi City. Her father Kaneko Shigeru and mother Kaneko Sadako were both painters, and her family history of painters goes back several generations. Graduated from the Nagoya University of Arts. First selected to exhibit at Shinshoten in 1975, exhibited at a Group COM exhibition (exhibited every year after that), and received an honorable merit at Shinshoten (exhibited every year after that). Held a first personal exhibition in 1977. Received an incentive award at Shinshoten in 1982, and became a member of the Shinsho Fine Art Association. In 1984, received a gold prize at a Salon de Fine Arts exhibition (exhibited at France’s Salon de Mai), first selected to exhibit at Chunichiten, and received an honorable merit at an international nursery tale picture book contest. Became the founding member of the International Fine Arts Exhibition in 1986. Became in charge of illustration for “Minna no Dowa” in the Chunichi Shimbun in 1992 (until 2011). In 1994 she became a member of Chubu Joryu Bijutsu’s Shunsoten. (exhibited every year after that). From 1997 to 2002 exhibited at an exhibition for artists to make the international expo a success. In 2000 she exhibited at an Asian art invitational exhibition (exhibited every year after that), and received a merit award at the 1st Kokusai Geijutsuinten. Member of Kokusai Geijutsuinten. Exhibited at an Art Wave exhibition in 2001 (exhibited every year after that). In 2005, received an award of excellence at Nihon Kokusai Shinzen Sakkaten and exhibited at an Aichi pavilion guest room at the Aichi Expo. In 2006 she donated her work to a Taiwan Exchange Exhibition. Vice president of the China-Japan-South Korea Calligraphy Friendship Federation from 2007 to 2010. In 2008 she exhibited at a UK London Alexia Gallery exhibition (and her works were put in collections in various countries), and the Beijing Olympics China-Japan International Exchange Art Exhibition. She expresses time and space with a theme of aliens, using flat reliefs of modern painting. On the other hand, she also creates oil paintings with themes of landscapes and uses a trinity of illustrations, etc.

"Fuyu." Created in 2013. Exhibited at Shinshoten.


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