KANEKO Seiun (1940-) Calligrapher. Born in Saitama Prefecture. After learning the rudiments of calligraphy under Ogawa Gyoun, joined the Daido Shogei-in in 1953. Receiving tutelage from Chairman Koyama Heikichi, Kaneko learned extensively about the humanity and spirit needed in the art of calligraphy. Studying under Aihara Bokukyo between 1974 and 1982, Kaneko learned about tensho (ancient seal characters) and reisho (ancient squared characters). After that, Kaneko continued to be devoted to his self-education. In 1972, "Bosatsu" was exhibited and accepted for the first time for the Yomiuri Calligraphy Exhibition. Accepted consecutively for six Mainichi Shodo Exhibitions. Non-audited for the Sankeiten Exhibition. In 1993, awarded first prize at the 40th Cultural Exhibition of Transport Companies, and received the Governor’s Award at the Saitama Workers Culture Exhibition. In 2003, received the Saitama Prefectural Assembly Chairman’s Award at the 53rd Saitama Prefecture Art Exhibition. In 2005, joined the Kanko Shodo Renmei. In 2007, received the Special Award at the 42nd Kanko Shoten. In 2008, received the Environment Minister’s Award for Chikumagawa Ryojo no Uta at the 21st International Kakyou Calligraphy Exhibition. In 2009, received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Award at the 44th Kanko Shoten. In 2010, exhibited at a highest-prize artists’ mini exhibition. In 2011, recommended as a member of the artist committee of the Spain headquarters for the Art Maison Selecting Committee. Currently a member of the Saitama Artists Association. Trustee and advisor of Saitamaken Shodo Renmei. Judge and standing trustee of Kanko Shodo Renmei. Member of the Kawagoe Calligraphy Association. Standing trustee of the prefecture’s western exhibition.


"Ryokanzenjiuta." Created in 2012. Exhibited at Kankoshoten.

“Zosan,” 50 x 62cm Exhibited at the 59th Kawagoe-shi Bijutsuten in 2010


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