KISHIMOTO Kazuya (1936-) Western-style painter. Born in Keelung, Taiwan. Currently resides in Osaka City. Graduated from Musashino Art University. Graduation work received an award for excellence. Worked as a teacher at the former State Taipei School for Blind and Mute People (currently the Taipei City Deaf School). Studied under Yamaguchi Takeo and continued to devote himself to painting while working as a company employee. After retiring in 2001, devoted himself exclusively to painting. Four personal exhibitions and many group exhibitions. Exhibited at a Japan-Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition, an A-21 International Art Exhibition, and exhibitions in Poland, France, and Germany. Was previously devoted to concrete works, but since the A-21 International Art Exhibition he has also been painting abstract paintings. A representative work of his concrete paintings is the stately “Two naked women in front of a mirror.” “Nostalgia,” which was the work that led him to expand his range to abstract painting, was received favorably for its interaction of geometric components of nostalgia with color and vivid expression. Currently a member of Osaka Prefectural Artists Association and a member of Japan Artists Association, Inc.

"Work created in 2009. Exhibited at an A-21 international Art Exhibition German Exhibition. A-21International Art Exhibition."


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