KIKUCHI Osui (1927-) Calligrapher. Born in Ibaraki Prefecture. Currently resides in Edosaki, Inashiki City. Studied kana characters under Ito Houn, kanji characters under Abe Suichiku, and sculpture under Matsuda Kisaburo. After receiving an award at a prefectural exhibition in 1950, he experienced judges for Taigenkai, Totaikai, Chigusakai, Shosakuin, Nihon Bijutsuin, Japan Art Academy, Dainihon Shogei-in, Kokusai Shodo Geijutu Kyokai, and Nihon Kyoiku Shodo Renmei. Challenged himself in his own world of deepening his writing of Chinese characters in a semi-square style and kana characters. Participated in overseas exhibitions in 10 countries. Made friendship visits to 3 countries and voluntarily made 34 monuments for school mottos and school songs of local elementary, junior high, and high schools. Established a commemorative monument for the eight famous views of Edosaki. Wrote the Ogura Anthology of One Hundred Tanka‐poems by One Hundred Poets in commemoration of the Ibaraki national sports event. Gave a haiku plaque of 7th yokozuna sumo wrestler Inazuma Raigoro, who was born in the city, to the city’s history archives. Established commemorative monument for the 100-year anniversary of Ibaraki Prefecture Edosaki High School. Established commemorative monument from Hitachinokuni Fudoki to Kasumigaura Ukishima Shinrin Park. In the year of calligraphy exhibition upon the 40th promotion of calligraphy at a cultural festival, gave a large 50cm dish titled “Happy 100th birthday” to commemorate the 100th birthday of Kitamura Seibo, who had helped every year for more than 20 years with training for calligraphy on ceramics at Mashikoyaki Ooka Matae Toen. Devoted to promoting local calligraphy culture for half a century through dedicated contributions to the boys’ and women’s divisions of commerce and industry associations. Spends his days concentrating on calligraphy and songs of his own poems and self-admonitions.

"Wakayama Bokusui" (retained).


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