KITAO Kazuko

Kazuko Kitao, 1933~. Painter. Born in Tochigi Prefecture. Lives in Tokyo. Majored in fine arts at Utsunomiya University (Faculty of Arts). After graduating, Kitao started teaching at public junior high schools, and her painting career, which started when she was a student and encompasses watercolors, oil painting, and printmaking, has continued for over 50 years. Many of her works focus on people, including groups of people. They often express everyday interaction or touching moments. Although she often works with watercolors, she uses a variety of materials depending on the motif. For 30 years, Kitao has painted people, studied the human form, and arranged meetings at the Japan Watercolor Institute. She has also put a lot of energy into studying clothes design. She has been exhibiting at the Japan Watercolor Exhibition since 1972, and twice she was won prizes. She has also held 15 private exhibitions at places such as the Ginza Towa Gallery. In addition, she has participated in many group exhibitions, and shown her work at international printmaking exhibitions in Malaysia and Bulgaria. She has exhibited oil paintings at the Souzouten Exhibition, and other works at the Nerima Art Museum and various public facilities. Former watercolor teacher at the Shoto Museum. Member of the Japan Artists Association. Member of the Japan Watercolor Society.

“The Heart of Japanese Culture”
(Picture of a woman dressed in summer clothes) Oil 80

“Cover in light”

“A Summer Scene in Japan” Watercolor (Japanese Paper)

“The Sparkling Two Towers” A Long-Distance Dialogue between Tokyo Tower and Sky Tower  Oil Painting

“Mount Myogi in Early Spring” Oil Painting

“Water Welling from an Ancient Spring”  Oil Painting

“Rose” Oil Painting


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