KOIDE Ikko (1926-) Western-style painter. Born in Osaka Prefecture. Currently resides in Nara City. Graduated from Ritsumei College of Technology. Exhibited works at Nara Prefectural Exhibition in 1986. Cultivated his unique painting style in Shinyokai. Main works include “Evening View of Grand Canyon” (special selection), “Afterglow of Grand Canyon” (new-face award), “A Fantastic World” (gold prize and master award), “Meteora” (honorable mention award), “China-Huanglong” (award of excellence), “China-Jiuzhangon, in Autumn” (modern art grand prize at a “Heart Art Exhibition” and grand prize at a “Sakuraten”). Former member of Le Salon, former member of Taiyo Bijutsu Kyokai, and former member of Shinsei Bijutsu Kyokai.

“China-Jiuzhangon, in Autumn” (Five-colored Lake) Created in 2012
Received the grand prize at Sakuraten (at Miyakomesse in Kyoto). Donated to MALLET JAPAN Inc.


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