KOIZUMI Masahiko

KOIZUMI Masahiko (1955-) Western-style painter. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Currently resides in Hiratsuka City. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University. Since the work “Fuyu no Ki (Winter Tree)” that he exhibited at the 18th Kanagawa Prefectural Art Exhibition in 1983 and received a grand prize, he has created a series of paintings of single trees standing in a bed of reeds, and developed a world that can be seen as a form of surrealism. He has traveled to southern France, and creates many paintings of southern French landscapes, which have a strong contrast between light and shadows. In 1985 he exhibited at Showakai Award Exhibition (and then twice after that). In 1991 he was selected twice for Tokyo Central Museum Oil Painting Award Exhibition. In 1992 he was invited to and exhibited at Modern Art Tokyo 92 Exhibition. In 1993 he received a Nippon Television incentive award at Japan-France Modern Art Exhibition. In 1995 he exhibited at Nihon no Kaiga Shotai. He has held personal exhibitions numerous times at places such as Gallery Kikuta and Ginza Chikyudo Gallery. Currently unaffiliated. His representative work “Fuyu no Ki (Winter Tree)” is in a collection of Kanagawa Kenmin hall Gallerly.

Baiku no Onna Oil painting F30

Sakyuu no Onnna Oil painting F30


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