KOSAKA Keishin

KOSAKA Keishin (1947-) Sumi ink painter. Born in Kyoto Prefecture. After exhibiting Japanese-style paintings at Showa Art Exhibitions six times, exhibited contemporary Japanese-style paintings at exhibitions such as a Spain Art Exhibition and a Paris International Salon. In recent years, has also directed energy into sumi ink paintings, and has presented works based on unique expression not bound by the usual style. Continues to produce works on a theme of connections with nature, humankind and time. Kosaka’s sumi ink paintings have been presented in many art magazines in Japan and overseas. In an overseas magazine, Kosaka was described as “an artist with unsurpassed depth in both expression and spirituality; a unique compositional ability beyond compare in the West.” Since 2001, has studied Japanese-style paintings under Okamura Rinko. Received the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications’ Incentive Award and the Chinese Embassy Award at the Japan-China Joint Exhibition of Sumi-ink Paintings, and the University of Reading Chancellor's Award at the Japan-England Art Expo. His recent work was a 3-panel sliding door of a cherry blossom mountain villa in 2012. Kosaka’s works are included in the collection at the National Art Gallery, Malaysia. Currently, a trustee of the Japan-China Sumi-ink Painting Exchange Association.

Sakura Sanso Fusuma-e. Four seasons of flowers. Created in 2013. Created as a Japanese-style painting.


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