KOYAMA Yujin (1949-) Western-style painter, novelist, doctor of medicine. Born in Niigata Prefecture. Two items of the first room were selected at Shinseisaku Art Exhibition in 1973 when he was studying at medical school. Held his first personal exhibition in Ginza the following year. Held a personal exhibition in Paris in 1978. Selected for Memorial of AOKI Nishinippon Art Exhibition in 2011. While involved in broad aspects of medical treatment for the mind and body, he is also a unique writer who writes novels. In 1996 he received the 28th Shincho New Face award for his novel “Mammoth Tusk.” In 2009 he published a book that combined his novel “Incubation” with a painting of the same theme. In 2013 translations in Japanese, French, and English were published in France.

"Sacred night of the moon" Created in 2013. Used in a pamphlet for a personal exhibition.


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