KUDO Kyojiro

Kyojiro Kudo, born 1939. Painter of Western-style art. Born in Hokkaido, currently resides in Gunma prefecture. Graduate of Keio University (in Japanese literature), Musashino Art University (oil painting) and awarded the Outstanding Performance Award for his graduation artwork. Receives practical training of sculpting at Gunma University (Education). Trains in sketching and drawing at the Académie de Port-Royal under Jean-Maxime Relange. Held a joint exhibition with the poet Sachiko Yoshihara. In addition to the 7 cultural exchanges with artists from France, Spain, Germany, Canada, etc., traveled abroad 24 times and held 24 private exhibitions at Takashimaya Department stores, etc. Awarded Many Domestic and International Awards: Global Canada International Exchange Award, Japan-France Excellence Award, Paris Award, Matisse Award, Gunma Prefecture Superintendent of Education Award, Maebashi Mayo Award, Rodin Award, Orsay World Art Legacy Author, Invited to the “Art Perspective Exhibition” (4 times) - Critics Recommended Author Award, 1st Art Grand Prix, 2016 Sendai Most Excellent Art Award, Parix Grace Luan Fèng Artist Award, Art Nouveau Beauty Creation Grand Prix, Japan France Artist Award, Italy Innovative Art Golden Panther Award, École de Paris International Art Award, Spain Biennal de Art Maison Japón 2017 (Arte de Japón Award), 12nd Monaco Japan Art Festival Gold Award, France International Art Award, Oasis 2018 Toledo Honorary Award, O Art Museum Heisei Outstanding Gold Award, 21st Century Renaissance Art Award, World Artist Creation and Glory Award, Rembrandt 350 Post Humous - Light and Shadow Art Award, New York Most Outstanding Author Award, Reiwa Year Asami Cultural Lifetime Achievement Award, etc. He has received many awards at Japanese and overseas exhibitions, including Gunma Prefecture Governor’s Award at 43rd Gunma Prefecture Portrait Exhibition in 2019. His artwork is collected by schools, hospitals, private collectors, such as the Maebashi Governmental Building and Canada Chilliwack Highschool, etc.

Young leaves in spring time,


Melancholy twilight,

Morning of first snow

Issue F20: “Season of the Paper Crane”
“2nd Lantern of the Soul Exhibition” (O Art Museum), Heisei Outstanding Gold Award, 21st Century Renaissance Art Award


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