KUDO Takaki

KUDO Takaki (1945-) Western-style painter. Born in Oita Prefecture. Studied under Togo Seiji, Yoshii Junji, and Aoyama Ryusui. In 1975 at the age of 30 he decided to create paintings, and that year he exhibited at Nika Seijinsha Exhibition and received a prefectural governor’s award. The same year, he exhibited “Doll” at Nika Exhibition, received the highest acclaim from Nika Association’s chairperson Togo Seiji, who said that it was the painting he liked most, chosen as 7 outstanding works by a general participant, and traveled throughout Japan. The same year, he was invited to exhibit (in the same room as Togo Seiji) at the first Ginza Nika Exhibition (currently Nika Spring Exhibition), and after that he was recognized by Nika Association’s director Yoshii Junji and was specially selected and received an affiliate award, etc. Received a prefectural governor’s award, an Oita Prefectural Art Center OG award, an Oita Art Association award, and many other awards at Oita Prefecture Art Exhibition. Has received awards such as for the Nika Seijinsha Exhibition and been invited to exhibit at many expos. Received the grand prize at the first exhibit of “Eiten – Jinbutsu, Fuzoku,” where 50 artists selected by museum art curators from prefectures such as Fukuoka, Saga, Oita, and Nagasaki compete. In 2009 he exhibited at Zennissyoten, received an award, and was a member of Zennihon Shozo Bijutsu Kyokai.

"Neko to Musume." Created in 1993. Received a grand prize at Eiten. In a collection of the Tagawa Museum of Art.


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