Moriyuki Kunikata (1937-) Painter of Japanese-style art. Born in Osaka, currently lives in Toyonaka-shi. Finished graduate curriculum at Kyoto City University of Fine Arts. No affiliation. Selected for Japanese-style painting section of Shinseisaku 4 times (1962 - 1968), selected for Shinseisaku Spring Exhibition 7 times. Held four solo exhibitions. Representative works include “Yokotawaru I/II” (1964) and “Remaining Snow” (1996, 2003). As well as a mural (Miyoshi-cho Town Hall, Miyoshi County, Tokushima Prefecture) called “Minoda no Fuchi” (1985). His works attempts to create mystic and simple shapes that express the original landscape in our hearts, which can only be expressed by Japanese. This is the horrifying experience of the war and a beautiful village he has escaped to afterwards. The works depict the image derived from the original landscapes in his mind that conflict with each other.

“Remaining Snow V” Double Folding Screen
Work primarily composed by walking in the Japanese beech forests of Shirakami Mountain Range and Tsugaru Mountain Range


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