MACHIDA Yosohiko

MACHIDA Yosohiko (1944-) Western-style painter. Born in Gunma Prefecture. Selected for the 18th Issen Art Exhibition (became a member in 1972). First selected for the 55th Nikaten in 1970. Later studied under Saito Saburo. Received a special award at the 90th commemorative Nikaten. Held 11 personal exhibitions at Mitsukoshi in Tokyo between 1979 and 2000. Received a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon in 2003. Paints mainly ocean scenes and also likes to paint wildflowers, particularly cosmos. Important works include “Otaru no Unga” and “Umi no Tsuioku.” Currently a member of the Japan Artists Association, Inc. Advisor of the Art association in Ageo City, a member of the art association in Saitama Prefecture, a member of the Le・Salon(France art association), gold member of the Art Maison Selecting Committee.

“Strasbourg ‘France’” F100
104th Nika Art Exhibition (2019) The National Art Center, Tokyo
28th Personal Exhibition “Commemoration of reaching the 55year of his career works ”Tokyo・Ginza Musashi Gallary


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