MARUKAWA Yukiko (1935-) Western-style painter. Born in Kyoto. Currently resides in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. Graduated from the Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts. Graduated from the Kodansha Famous Schools painting course. Since 1986 she has been exhibited and selected at exhibitions such as Joryu Gaka Kyokaiten and Nikikaiten, and exhibits in group exhibitions, overseas exhibitions, etc. every year. Received awards such as a Verona art creation award at a Japan-Italy art festival, an earth cup award at the West Lake Art Fair, a Japan-France friendship contribution award at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, and a Japan-Germany friendship award at Germany’s Charlottenburg Palace. Her works are in collections at Chiyoda ward office's Hakone Sanso, Kameoka city office, Museum of Portugal, Malaysia’s new national art museum, etc. Currently a member of the Japan Artists Association, an affiliate of Joryu Gaka Kyokai, a member of a Habsburg Art Friendship Association, and a member of Tokyo Nikikai.

第67回女流画家協会展 one day A 奨励賞

第71回女流画家協会展 one day W(ウィーンヨハンストラウスオーケストラ)

第71回二紀展 one day L(ラ・シルフィード)


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