MARUYAMA Akira (1939 - ) Western-style painter and sculptor. Born in Yamagata Prefecture. Graduated from Painting Department of the Musashino Art University in 1964. Studied under Saito Motomu. Received the Hakuosha Prize three times during junior high school. Received the Shinkyo Art Association Award in 1964. In 1965, trained in Italy, France and Spain. In 1991, exhibited works in the Daisan Bunmei Exhibition and group exhibitions and held 11 solo exhibitions. In 1994, held solo exhibitions at the Sendai and Yamagata Jujiya galleries. In 2002, Maruyama received the Hakuosha Members Award. In 2003, held a solo exhibition at the Muromachi Gallery in Nihonbashi, and received the honorable mention of Daiichi Bijutsu Association prize. Maruyama is an artist who was born in the Shonai region, who loves the Shonai region and who will continue to paint the four seasons of the Shonai region. Currently a member of the Japan Artists Association, a member of the Daiichi Bijutsu Association, and a member of Hakuosha.

Minori no Heiya. Created in 1965. Received an award at Shinkyo Bijutsu. Received the Daiichi Bijutsu award of excellence in 2003. Received a Hakuosha award.


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