MASUDA Masaharu

MASUDA Masaharu (1946-) Western-style painter, calligrapher. Born in Nagasaki Prefecture. Currently resides in Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Graduated from the Faculty of law of Kinki University. Studied under Matsuzaki Yoshiyuki. His ancestors came to Shimabara (in 1669) as servants of a former castellan of Fukuchiyama Castle, Matsudaira Tadafusa. Although he had no family history of painting, he developed his painting activities while working at elementary and junior high schools in Shimabara City. In 2005 he received a new-face award from the incorporated NPO Kokusai Bijutsu Kyokaiten, and in 2006 he received a Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly chairperson’s award. As an artist he has received awards such as the Japan Artists Association’s world peace art award, Order of world peace, Minister of Finance award, Japan art incentive award, international culture award of honor, 21st century culture award, and a Nagasaki Prefectural governor’s award. He creates many soothing works that are blue- and green-themed and are related to water, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans, and he has become popular as painter of soothing paintings through personal exhibitions, etc. He was authorized as an international invited artist as a specially invited artist at a Japan-China-Taiwan international cultural exchange exhibition. Appointed as an ambassador for international culture and friendship. He has exhibited at exhibitions such as a Spanish exhibition and the Gosoku no Kutsu culture and art forum "Gosoku no Kutsu" exhibition. It is expected that he will be increasingly active internationally as an artist from now on. In addition to his activities as a painter, he also is active as a novelist and calligrapher. His novels have received many awards in national public contests. His calligraphy has also received many awards such as a Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology award (2009). He is currently executive director and Kyushu general director for the Japan Artists Association, executive director of Nihon Geijutsu Bunka Kyokai, honorary director of Kokusai Shoga Geijutsuin, director of Nihon Geijutsu Shoin, a member of Taiyo Bijutsu Kyokai, and an honorary member of the World Academic and Cultural Council.

World Heritage Gunkanjima. Created in 2009. Gosoku no Kutsu - Culture and Art Forum.


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