Hoko Mimori, born in 1938, a Japanese painter. Born in Kagoshima Prefecture, Mimori currently lives in Nara Prefecture. His real name is Ichiro. He took apprenticeship under Kinosuke Ebihara, a Western-style painter, in 1961. His Western-style paintings have entered and won at Kokusaiten as well as Gendaiten. He shifts to Japanese paintings after Ebihara’s death in 1968 and enters Seitosha directed by a Japanese artist, Banpo Okahashi. He aspires to find his style through the investigation of Japanese paintings and the foundation in both Western and Japanese theories and style. His work have appeared in exhibitions including the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition, SinNissyunten, and Senbatsuten. He won his first Japan Fine Arts Exhibition award in 1979 with Noto no Hatake and submitted Kogen no Numa to SinNissyunten. He has also submitted Asuka no Sato, Hoshun, Obed no Mura, and Arles Kogai to multiple competitions including France Bijyutsushoten and France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition. Despite his promising future, he resigns from the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition in 1985. He remains a judge in prefectural and municipal exhibitions but resigns completely in 1987. He becomes a freelance artist and travels to France in 1987 for training. He was on an art pilgrimage around Europe while his stay in Grasse, South France. His style changed when he returned to Japan, painting in a beautiful harmony of colors and shapes around the theme of nature. For example, red roof and white walls stand out in his works. His work are well-received both nationally and internationally. He has won many awards including the 1992 Société des Artistes Français Award and France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Award. He has also received the 2019 Grand Award for the Artist of Global Cultural Merits. He is currently a member of Japan Artists Association and Global Artists Association.

“A vineyard near Beaune” 2017 (canvas size P25)

Asuka no Sato (2013) P50


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