MINO Susumu

MINO Susumu (1937-) Western-style painter. Born in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. Currently resides in Tamano City. He was influenced by avant garde and admires bipolar symmetry. He first exhibited at Nikaten in 1958, and has exhibited more than 50 oil paintings as an environment painter on a global scale at Salon des Artistes Independants du Japon, Nihon no Shizen wo Kakuten, Okayama Heiwa Bijutsuten, and personal exhibitions. He is currently pursuing a fifth dimension (outer space) of artistic innovation in art. His styles range from social realism to avant garde, and when he paints nature he does so with abandon. Important works include “Uchu no Gojigen.”

Rogyofu. No. F30. Created in 1963. Has not been exhibited.


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