MORI Ryoichi

MORI Ryoichi (1935 -) Western-style painter. Born in Oita Prefecture. Currently resides in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture. Graduated from the Kunitachi College of Music in 1957. Entered the Conservatory of Music in Parma, Italy in 1965. While studying opera his paintings received acclaim, and when he held a personal exhibition at Parma Gallery in 1975 all of his works sold out. He concluded an exclusive contract with an art dealer in Italy, and while living in Italy for 18 years he held 25 personal exhibitions and always had top sales results. As an artist he received permission for permanent residence from the Italian government, but returned to Japan so his oldest son could go to school there. After returning to Japan he held 45 personal exhibitions at department store galleries throughout Japan. Receives high acclaim. He has received many awards such as Le Salon silver prize in 1975, a Marc Aurelio award. Member of Academia Debelina. Important works include “Amapora Saku Italia no Kogai,” “Violin to Mandolin no aru Seibutsu,” and “Hana no Fantasia.” He is skilled at painting blooming flowers and realistic still-life paintings.

"Violin no Aru Seibutsu." Created in 1975. Exhibited at a personal exhibition. In a personal collection.


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