MORITA Keigo (1949-). Western-style painter. Dentist and oral surgeon (Osaka Dental University, Kyoto University department of oral surgery). Born in Osaka City. Born Morita Kohei. Member of Milano Art Association, Medici Culture Association, Dentist’s Art Association of Japan (DAAJ), and Genyoukai. Since establishing DAAJ, he has continued mainly oil painting activities for 25 years. “A Thought” was selected for Le Salon (France). He aspired to be a painter after being selected for exhibitions such as Nikaten, Genyouten, Taiyobijutsuten, Shinsekiten, Taishoten, Japan-France Contemporary Artists Exhibition, and Jungusho Bijutsu Kyokaiten. He has received awards such as a Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology award at Genyouten, being selected for Le Salon twice, a world peace art award (the Gorbachev Foundation), a tricolor peace award, a modern Japan representative artist award (A.M.S.C. Madrid), a Russia art academy award (Sankt-Peterburg), and a Sankei Shimbun 21st century art award. He is an artist of L.A. Gallery Mujo and N.Y. Ward Nasse Gallery. He has held personal exhibitions 25 times (Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Ginza Ono Gallery, etc.). He has held exhibitions in other countries (France, the US, Russia, China, Monaco, the UK, and Canada). His works have been included in “Saigo no Ippei,” which is a supplementary reading material for art in public high schools throughout Japan, and in the French art magazine “Univers des Arts.” In 2009 he held personal exhibitions in L.A. and the Kyoto Grand Hotel gallery Rasen. Several years ago at the Geneva Art Expo he thought of a method of painting on canvas made of kimono, and this is now drawing the attention of people in other countries.

Explanation of work "Waiting in the mist” Created in 2008. Received a Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology award at Genyouten. In a collection at Reitaku High School in Chiba Prefecture.


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