MORITA Tetsutaka

MORITA Tetsutaka (1949-) Western-style painter. Born in Hokkaido. Studied Japanese-style painting in 1967 and changed to Western-style painting in 1972. Works blend gradation and tapping techniques unique to Japanese-style painting into Western-style paintings, and visual scenes of subtle contrasting of light express a unique world in series such as “Glisten in the Morning Sun,” “Glisten in the Evening Sun,” “Night Scene,” and “Snow Scene.” Meanwhile, with a matiere unique to oil paintings, sunflower petals and other petals are expressed in the title “Smile,” things such as passion, hope, and dreams are represented, and at the same time the paintings are intended to be loved by regular people because of their theme of being an invitation to comfort. The atmosphere, air, and smells are considered the most important things for creating such works, and they are supported by dynamic research activities. Important awards received include an Ikkikai grand prize, a Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture award, a Mainichi Shimbunsha award, an international art grand prize, two awards at the Louvre exhibition, a Monaco prix d'honneur award, Spain-Japan art Mafisorale award, and selection for a Le Salon exhibition. Important works include “Shitsugen Akeru,” “Isaribi,” “Seisetsu,” “Yukyu no Shinwa,” “Koran no Inori,” ”Egao,” “Kayabuki Minka,” and “Yoi no Uta.” Currently director of Ikkikai, honorary professor at the Silpakorn University art center in Thailand, member of Spain’s National Museo del Prado Foundation, leader and adviser of Rankikai.

"Yukyu no Shinwa - Asa, Yu." France Mont Saint Michel. No. F100. Exhibited at the 46th Ikkiten. Received a grand prize (The National Art Center, Tokyo).


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