MURATA KAYOKO (1944~): A western-style painter. Born in Tokyo. She majored in Aesthetics and Art History at the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, and attended seminars led by Professor Ryosaku Murata. At the same time, she studied practical skills at the Japan Artists Association Academy under Saburo Miyamoto and Toshi Maruki. Upon graduating from the university in 1966, she became a lecturer at the same university. She has released numerous art pieces, including “Kamakura Hyakkei (One Hundred Views of Kamakura),” “8・6 Inori (Prayer),” “Ebumi (Trampling on Christian Images),” as well as “Mother Teresa,” and held sixty solo exhibitions. She continues to explore ways of delivering messages to the society through art creation. In 1996, her solo exhibition titled “Nihon no Kirishitan (Christianity in Japan)” was held at the Art Museum of the city of Ravenna in Italy. She has won several awards at international exhibitions. As a leading Christianity history painter, she has painted lives of various martyrs. Her artworks are owned and exhibited at twenty locations, home and abroad, including Oita Prefecture Ancient Sages Historical Archives, Catholic Tamatsukuri Church in Osaka, Goto City Museum of Hidden Christians, Christian Museum in Iwate Prefecture, and Cologne Cathedral.

『The Story of Martyred 26Sainnts in Japan』

『A Gathering in Heaven (Petro Kibe and 187 Martyrs)』


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