NAGAI Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki Nagai (1937-) New Artistic Zen Shoga (combination of Japanese painting and calligraphy) Born in Mie Prefecture. Has had hearing loss since the fourth grade. Graduated from Tokyo University of Education (currently University of Tsukuba) in 1960. Afterwards, a postgraduate for 4 years. During his course of study, he conducted research at Anatomy Lab, School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo. Studied under Manjiro Terauchi. In 1957, accepted for his first exhibit at Kofukai Exhibit, associated with Nitten. In 1967, a committee member for Zen-nihon Bijutsu Kyokai (All Japan Art Association). In 1981, invited to exhibit at Asahi Shimbun’s 37th “Asahi Charity Art Exhibit.” In 2015, invited to exhibit at the 6th “Kyoto Shimbun Charity Art Exhibit.” In 1984, exhibited at “Mie Prefecture Eminent Artist Exhibit.” In 2002, exhibited at “Japan China Luminary Shoga Exhibit” (Palace Museum in China), and in 2003, exhibited at “Luminary Shikishi Exhibit” (Los Angeles). Winner of the Japan Art Critics First Place Prize (category of Zen Painting). Member of Japan Artists Association. Visiting professor of International Art Exchange Association. Member artist of the A.M.S.C (International Art Critic Selection Committee) headquartered in Spain. Member of the Jisai Kai. Member of the Politics and Economics Culture Painters Association. Member of the International Art and Culture Association. Appears in “Japan Who’s Who” published by Kojun-sha and “Jinji Koshin-roku (Notable Figures Personnel Directory).” Appears in the World Encyclopedia of Artist, as well as the Guide to Modern Japanese Art. His works explore the world of new artistic Zen Shoga, elegant, high-brow and dignified paintings that depict the “wabisabi” found in the domain of tea ceremonies. He attempts to create a new world of ink paintings unmatched by none, by delving into his unique worldview.

“Garden,” a Zen painting (415 mm × 360 mm)

“Thousand-year pine tree,” a Zen calligraphy (415 mm × 360 mm)

Address: 256-9 Minato-machi, Matsusaka-shi, Mie 515-0085 Japan
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