Nagami Akira (1944~): A Western-style painter. Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. He began creating oil paintings while working as a graphic designer for ad agencies and newspaper publishers, and later became a full time Western-style painter. Numerous art pieces were submitted to exhibitions held home and abroad, including “Salon d’Automne,” “Le Salon,” and “Monaco-Japan Culture Festa.” He consistently takes up “Life” as his theme and draws cell-like shapes and dots over paintings. His unique technique leads viewers to visually recognize how deeply individual living beings are related to our everyday society in their respective psychological state, and blend the two together. Some of his major works are: “Shitsunaigaku (Chamber Music)” (1988), “Toki o Mitsumete (Watch the Time)” (1993), and “Ryoiki (Realm)” (1999).

“Kankyo Fuji (Fuji and Its Environment)” Painting in Oil, F30, created in 2023


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